CHANGE - The Only Way To Move Forward, The Only Constant In This World Is Change

CHANGE - The Only Way To Move Forward, The Only Constant In This World Is Change

If what I am doing is not producing the results that I want, then DO SOMETHING ELSE THAT WILL! Take the risk & courage to do something else. Get out of your habits or unconscious response. Change & be more flexible until the results you want come to you.

Luck is when opportunity & preparation meet It is often disguised as hard work.

Don’t waste time trying to change people around you. Change yourself & keep changing until you get the results you desire. Focus on your strengths & eliminate your weaknesses. Do not look behind unless you plan to go that way. Whatever happened in the past is already history. Learn from your past mistakes & move forward.

Remember TODAY is the TOMORROW you didn’t plan for YESTERDAY

You change your beliefs
When you change your beliefs,
You change your expectations
When you change your expectations,
You change your attitude
When your change attitude,
You change your behavior
When you change your behavior
You change your performance
When you change your performance,

“If my self-image determines my daily performance, then I choose my self-image to be one of the GREATEST. I know that who I am today is the direct mirror-image of myself I see inside my mind. Therefore, I continuously improve my self-image. If I Wish To Change, I must FOCUS on what kind of person I wish to be in the future, VERY CLEARLY in my Mind. I change my self-image to be one of what I want to be in the future. My performance will automatically begin to change to fit that new future self-image.”

  • Master and control your subconscious mind (attend our Mind Mastery Program)
  • Reprogram the mind via affirmations and visualizations
  • Write and draw your vision and goals. Paste them everywhere where you can see them
  • Change mindset and attitude: adopt always the attitude, values and beliefs of a winner
  • Seek to continuously improve yourself – conferences, workshops, books, further education, computers
  • Use the knowledge acquired. It is not what you know or how much you know but what you do with what you know
  • Share your ideas and knowledge with the world. You succeed best by helping others to succeed
  • Be creative, innovative & proactive
  • Use the right brain - pictures, colors, Baroque music, feelings, imagination, peace of mind
  • Brainstorm with yourself. You are your own best mentor
  • DO IT NOW! Take action
  • Review your goals, mission statement, plans and strategies
  • Don’t lay blame, give excuses or quit
  • Get out of comfort zone and normal behavior pattern
  • Constantly check what is happening in the market place and environment. Keep yourself updated all the time
  • Break out of your self limiting beliefs and patterns - reward yourself for doing so