Motivate Yourself & Change your Life Forever

You can find at least 2 ways to look at virtually everything
A pessimist looks for difficulty in the opportunity whereas an optimist looks for opportunity in the difficulty

Most failures could have been converted into successes if someone had held on another minute or made one more effort.

People who control their mental attitudes control their destinies. You can always become the person you would have liked to be.

You are what you THINK you are. Doesn’t matter  what others think
In time - everyone will see you the same way you see yourself

All The Ways You Can Regain Optimism, Be Energized and Feeling Rejuvenated To Forge Positively Ahead!

•    Life is 10% what happens to us, 90% how we react to it

•    Master your mind - create your future in the present moment

•    Learn to write your affirmations,
      positive sentences with the
      intention to achieve something

•    Learn to visualize your goals before you fall
      asleep & upon waking up

•    Besides writing your goals create a VISION BOARD of your goals

•    Always send out positive thoughts. Universe always gives back exactly
     what you send out whether good or bad thoughts.  Remember The Law
     of Attraction does'nt discriminate whether you are a good or bad
      person. It gives you back exactly what you sent out

•    Create INTENTION ACTIVATORS - write your affirmations & create
      your vision board. Hand them everywhere where you can see them eg
      on the fridge door, next to the switch, on car dashboard, on the walls,
      besides the bed, as screen saver etc

•    Feel good first - your HAPPINESS is your birthright. It shouldn’t  depend
     on your achieving anything. Start by claiming & using it to  make your
     life’s journey fun ALL the way not just at the end.

•    Keep all your promises. Promise the things you know it’s in your power
     to deliver & then deliver. However you can motivate yourself more
     effectively if you keep your goals & promises separate

•    De program yourself - learn to factor out the negative aspects of the
      media today. Don’t look to the media to tell you what’s happening
      in your life. Be what’s happening

•    Get up on the right side - self motivation increase when the left brain
     tells the right brain what to do.

•    Be a finisher. Start a new history of finishing things - small things at
     first and larger as you go along.

•    Don’t even see, hear or talk negative about any person. If you do you
     have allowed them to stay RENT FREE in your head

•    Cut out negative conversations based upon gossips, small talk or
     derogatory remarks

•    Reformate your language, both internal & external. Fill your mind with
     words & thoughts that energize & motivate you.  Substitute negative
     words for positive words

•    Use positive greetings. Do this with enough enthusiasm

•    Be passionate & vibrant when you speak. Start singing & create the
    voice you’d like to have

•    Learn to master emotions. Accept that how you feel about anything or
      anyone is your choice. Understand that no one can hurt U or make U
      angry without your permission

•    Forget your stress & problems by concentrating on others : do not be
     self centered

•    Do more than is expected of you. Delay gratification until the hard
      work’s done

•    Create your relationships -  anytime you take a relationship problem up
      into the mind you have unlimited opportunities to get creative.

•     Act like a hero -  heroes show what’s possible for a human being to
      accomplish. They can be enriching source of energy & inspiration.

•    Fill your heart with love for LOVE is the single most powerful positive
      emotion. When you are filled with love whatever you visualize
      will come true for you

•    Control & eliminate negative emotions especially fear, revenge,
      hate & anger

•    Start each day with an attitude of gratitude

•    Apologize & ask for forgiveness for any unjust offence you have
     committed. The more bitter the lessons the greater the rewards for
     carrying it out. After love forgiveness is the second most
     powerful emotion

•    Fear does not exist outside the mind. Conquer your fears &
      reap the rewards

•    Accept your willpower -  develop & make the willpower strong

•    Self pity destroys self confidence & recognize that you are one person
      you can & should depend on at all times

•    Come to your own rescue - your self esteem provides the inner
     strength necessary to create a giving, loving life. See how much
     better your own life works once you accept that no one is coming.
     See how much you are at self motivation once you have begun to
     celebrate the news that you’re enough.

•    Think beyond the box. Be creative & innovative

•    Learn to brainstorm by yourself. Self mentoring is the best mentoring
      you can get because your mentor knows you best. A great teacher
      once said “ the kingdom of heaven is within you “

•    Avoid perfectionism. Set yourself up for success

•    When you are down & out  - Fake it till you make it!

•    Change your physiology. Your physiology controls your state
      which in turn ts controlling your emotion.

•    Physical exercise is a good way to change your state

•    Keep energy level high

•    Be your own best cheering squad -  always give
      yourself credit for  your accomplishments & successes

•    Ask 3 role models what strategies they use to
      maintain their positive attitudes

•    Build a network of positive friends,
      colleagues & acquaintances

•    Say or do something each day which will make another person
      feel better. You can do this with a call, a postcard, a letter, a
       email, a kind word or doing some kind deed

•    Make a complete inventory of all your assets & discover that
      your greatest  asset is your sound mind

•    Welcome friendly criticism

•    Create a vision or a dream -  something to wake up to
      in the morning

•    Discover a labor of love and do it with your heart & soul even
      if it is only a hobby.

•    Leave our comfort zone - only challenges causes growth, test
      our skills & make us better

•    Break ALL bad habits. Replace your habits - replacement is
      powerful because it works & where bad habits are concerned
      it’s the only thing that works

•    Use your weaknesses . Turn about our weaknesses into
      strengths & creative possibilities will emerge

•    Invent games - whatever it is you have to do,  turning it into
      a game will always bring you higher levels of
      energy & motivation

•    Buy yourself flowers – every time you look at them, let
      them remind you how colorful your future is going to be,
      how fresh your thoughts are, how easy it is for you to hono
      yourself, how much power you have to make your
      environment beautiful … and how sweet the smell of
      the universe  can be.

•    Create your own voice. You are not stuck with the voice
      you have now. Start singing and soon you’ll be creating
      the voice you’d like to have.

•    Sing with feeling - we do not sing because we are happy,
      we are happy because we sing

•    Get out of  the rut in your life ie your habitual activities -
      do something different, enjoyable

•    Read motivational books. Surround yourself with
      motivational posters &  slogans.

•    Attend a seminar

•    Get some coaching.  The best coach show us how to examine
     ourselves.  It takes courage to ask for coaching but the rewards
     can be great. The best moments come when your coach helps
     you do something you have previously been afraid to do

•    Welcome your problems - every solution has a problem.
      Remember if you are not part of the solution, you are
      part of the problem

•    NEVER LOOK BEHIND. Stop fretting about the past &
     anything that has happened in the past. Look for a lesson,
     then move on. Do not look back unless you plan to go that way.
     What ever is past is gone forever. We can never get back
     whatever time that has gone by. So it is no use crying or
     sighing over lost time. Learn a lesson from our past mistakes